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IPAD Pro Review




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The Ipad Pro is the new leader in Tablets

Apple iPad Pro Review—Beauty Meets the Beast
Apple iPad has been around for quite a while. We enjoyed it, amazing, fantastic and then we are done. Of course, there was competition and everything, but the truth is it isn’t about the competition anymore… it’s about the ‘category.’
Screen sizes of iPhones and ManDroids of its rival companies have grown larger. The advent of Phablets didn’t help improve the situation either. Why use a slightly larger thing which you can’t keep in your pocket when you can get a slimmer, sexier package with better appeal. The result was apparent on the sales sheet of almost all the tablet makers.
Yet, Apple comes up with a tempting offer that’s so huge that you won’t be able to deny, especially in terms of screen size, elegance and versatility. Presenting iPad Pro… Applause!
Apple iPad Pro Review: Salient Features
·       12.9-inch multi-touch display enriched with 2,732 × 2,048 pixels
·       Split-Screen operations with iOS 9
·       64-bit A9X processor with an unbelievable multicore score of 5,500 on Geekbench 3
·       M9 motion coprocessor
·       8MP iSight camera with 5-element lens and Hybrid IR filter
·       4GB of RAM for laptop level performance
·       Heavy duty battery lasting up to 10 hours
·       Lightweight, just 1.6 pounds
·       1 year of hardware repair and up to 90 days of support
Apple iPad Pro Review: Outlook
As to the style, iPad Pro is not so different from its factory-mates like iPad Air and iPad Mini, but as pointed out, the size does matter. With an incredible 12.9-inch touchscreen display, iPad is as gigantic as it can get. The enhancement of screen size comes without compromising the slimness and weighing at just 1.6 lbs, you don’t have to complain about the portability either.
Apple iPad Pro Review: Handling
How you manage a 13-incher with one hand is your own deed, because normally it is not convenient. The enormous tablet is built to supersize your touch-experience, so long as you are using both of your hands, you won’t even notice the difference. Lightweight contributes towards its comfort and you can use it without feeling stress on your arms. Put it flat on the table or let it recline and it is the office champion. You get a wide canvass for various complex touch operations, no other tab has challenged the personal computers this far.
Apple iPad Pro Review: Usability
There’s been quite a controversial debate on the blogosphere that whether iPad Pro is a good replacement for laptops or not. It depends upon usability, because there are many 13-inch tablets out there but Apple has done such nice job with iPad Pro that you will eventually come to ask the same question.
Reading on iPad Pro is visually so flawless that you will mistake the pages for the print. In landscape mode, comics show a two-page view, that’s where you would truly understand and appreciate that graphic contents certainly look good on larger screens. However, for ebooks or text-heavy articles, we’d still recommend smaller screens.
Take it to bed, and enjoy your favorite TV series for hours without feeling a burden on your chest. The extra-pixel dense screens will quench your thirst for HD videos, but what about the games? It’s a matter of preference, some games feel cooler, and others lose their charm on larger screens so you are the jury. When it comes to creativity, iPad Pro is an artist’s dream.
Paint anything; watch your designs come to life because its super crispy screen feels like a paper. Add an Apple Pencil to go along with it and you are the wizard. The performance will be delivered with the power of simultaneous split-screen multitasking, key modifiers (Command + Tab etc) speedy processor with 64-bit architecture to get the best out of 4GB RAM.
Apple iPad Pro Review: Conclusion
Starting at $799, iPad Pro is your ultimate manifestation of effortless computing away from laptops or desktops. Apple wants you to have a digital experience like no other and iPad Pro is their best proof yet.


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