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Spy Witness News is part of the J & J Media and publishing group. This news network is open to everyone that has something positive or interesting to report. Rather than looking at world wide news that is aggregated by major media publishers. Spy witness news tends to focus on something more close to home. If you love to go to the movies or you have been to a great restaurant, then we want to hear from you. If you have something to say about a local business - obviously good things, we don't publish anything remotely slanderous or defamatory - we want to hear from you. You can become a contributor and share your good news or your interesting news. Have you read a great book and want to rave about it, then let the world know about it in Spywitness News.Do you have a press release that you would like published about your business or an event, then contact us. Press releases do come with a cost, but a cost that will make you smile.


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