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Crystal Skull World Day - November 22nd, 2015 - A Meditation for World Peace






Crystal Skull World Day is a very special day when Crystal Skull Guardians, those (individuals who have one or more personal crystal skulls) come together all over the world on this day, to perform a special meditation for world peace.  This year Crystal Skull World Day is being held on November 22nd, with the meditations taking place at 4 specific times.


The Dangers Of The Paranormal

dangers of the paranormal




The Interest in séances, Ouija boards and spirit communication has risen thanks to TV shows such as Most Haunted and our haunted lives. These shows have also given birth to ignorance and the problems that have arisen from these foolhardy attempts to dabble in the paranormal. They have destroyed lives. Walk into any spiritualist church and they will tell you that there is no entity such as Satan and demons do not exist; it is merely a wandering or grounded spirit looking for help. The truth is different and ignorance does not afford you safety.