During the early hours of August 14th, 2015, A police standoff that lasted several hours was brought to a violent end. In his Staten Island apartment, A high ranking Bloods gang member held hostages at gun point. Over 50 of the NYPD’s finest anxiously awaited outside. In there ranks stood hostage negotiators, SWAT and Tactical Assistance Response Unit(TARU). Earlier in the day, the suspect posted on his Facebook Wall “Today I Die”. Once the smoked settled after a large barrage of firepower, the suspect had been slain.
This is what you hear when a violent incident occurs. But what about the family members? What happens to them? Their homes. Their neighbors and their homes?
When the bodies are removed, and the Crime Scene Tape is taken down and the last police car leaves the scene, what is left?
Tear Gas Residue. 
Body Fluids.
Finger Print Dust.
Even Medical Equipment used to save peoples lives.
Rather than have the family/friends clean it themselves, or hire a standard cleaning company to do so, Crime Scene Cleanup companies are privately held companies and corporations that clean up after these types of incidents.  They are equipped in these types of cleanings. They have the knowledge and experience of working with special chemicals, tools, and techniques associated with blood, blood borne pathogens, liquid body matter and diseases found in humans. For these reasons alone, they are the only ones qualified to clean and preform remediation a trauma scene. A standard cleaning company does not posses any of the right criteria to do the job, and no family member should have to clean up after a loved one.
So who pays for such services, you ask? 
There are quite a few ways to avoid having to pay for such services out of pocket. With most cases, Home owners insurance or property insurance will cover all expenses for Crime Scene Cleaners to come into your home or business. Crime Scene Cleanup companies, such as the National Crime Scene Cleanup Association, work closely with many insurance companies to try to prevent any cost to families or communities affected by a trauma scene.
Another option is Crime Victim Association. Crime Victim associations are in place with most states across the United States. They regularly aide in the financial aspect of helping a family after a violent crime occurs in their home. Both options help alleviate the burdens on families after they’ve gone through a loss.
Crime Scene Clean Up is a very specialized industry. It is heavily regulated by the Department of Environmental Conservation(DEC), the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA). This all ensures that Crime Scene Cleaners are safe, as well as the Clients, and their families. 
Becoming a Crime Scene Cleaner takes a specific type of person. Everyday, these Men and Women go to work knowing that it is the worst day of their clients’ lives. Sensitivity and experience in dealing with such situations separates the Best Crime Scene Technicians from the worst.
About National Crime Scene Cleanup Association:
The National Crime Scene Cleanup Association was established to bring experts together to create safe standard operating procedures within the industry. With members servicing everything from private homes to Fortune 500 companies, the association has grown every year since formation.
For more information: http://www.crimescenecleanup.com


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