Forget scammers and property identity thieves, and stay in a legit property that’s been approved by Fireball Approves Investigations. Fireball Approves Investigations has just launched a brand new rental verification service which is ideal for everyone trying to rent a property without being a victim to scammers and fraudsters!

A brainchild of Tammy Sorento, Fireball Approves Investigations is ideally a service that separates valid rentals from scammers out to take your money. This idea was born of personal experience. Tammy, a grandmother from Jacksonville in Florida whose only wish was to holiday with her grandkids, booked a vacation house in the Key West online. The property was picture-perfect, but there was a sixth sense that told her something wasn’t right. The deal seemed too good to be true, which is why Tammy went investigating!

Using her skills as a retired insurance investigator, Tammy went digging until she came across the truth: the property listing was a fake. However, it wasn’t just the fake listing that fired Tammy up: It was also the fact that the fraudster had tried to deceive her with shocking lies. Tammy couldn’t believe that anyone would be so deceiving that they would actually create a fake listing just to make some money from pre-booking payments. She was also quite upset at the fact that this scammer would have stranded her on her own with her grandkids and no place to stay in a strange town where she knew no one during the busy holiday season.  

This is how the idea of Fireball Approves Investigations first came to mind. Tammy, also known to all her friends and colleagues as ‘Fireball’, is the founder and workaholic behind Fireball Approves Investigations. She doesn’t want any family going through the experience of having paid for rentals only to discover their money was gone and they had no place to stay. Thus was born Fireball Approves Investigations.

Fireball Approves Investigations looks into rental listings nationwide to discover if they’re legit or fake. The company is based on letting you have peace of mind that the rental property you’ve opted to rent actually exists and has been rented to you, all for a small fee! With the internet being what it is: vast and anonymous, prospective clients who wish to rent properties for holidays are a golden goose for scammers out to make a quick buck.

To circumvent this, it’s now possible to look into the rental listing and determine if it’s the real thing before you book and make payment. What Fireball Approves Investigations actually does is it determines the identity of the individual/company who is advertising the rental property and then verifies the validity of the listing, so you can go ahead and book with no stress!

Fireball Approves Investigations actually works on both ends of the deal: As a property owner, you can also get your Fireball Approves stamp of approval, which will add to your credibility for prospective clients who wish to stay at your property. All you need to do is submit your property details, and for a small fee, Fireball Approves will vet the property carefully and ensure that everything’s in order before vouching for your property. The same is true of leasing agents, who will have to undergo a thorough vetting process to get the Fireball Approval stamp!

Tammy says, “Scammers will be stopped. I have reported hundreds of scammers to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I will continue to do so until every renter can rent without worry and every scammer understands rental property scams will no longer go unpunished”.

This is the fight Tammy’s fighting for every family that has just one wish: to book a rental holiday home and discover it waiting for you when you get to your destination!