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Dr Jose Marcano; A Modern Dentist in Orlando is pioneering a new way of dental treatment that negates the use of old fashioned drilling that can damage teeth further. He maintains the use of modern lasers in dentistry negate the use of drills and so makes it painless and safer to have routine cavities treated. This is especially welcome from the individuals who have a deep routed fear of the dentist and can now come and have painless treatment in his well-equipped dental Surgery.
Dr Marcano’s dental surgery has grown exponentially and he is launching a new Laser service for patients in the hope that more and more individuals will consider being treated under the laser and not the drill. Marcano maintains that even though laser dentistry has been around for a while it is not widely known due to the costs associated with dentistry and the expense of lasers. However the pro’s far outweigh the cons and laser dentistry is here to stay.
Dr Marcano also lectures on the art of laser dentistry to dental students and professionals by teaching them the benefits of using this form of dental treatment. When you consider that lasers have been around for years and have been the catalyst to changes in technology, it seems such a normal progression to have the use of lasers in modern dentistry.
Of course the downside can be the cost to the individual, but most modern insurance plans will cover this as part of your normal coverage, but Dr Marcano maintains that if many more new and evolving dental students move over to using laser, then costs should dramatically decrease and make it more affordable to the average individual.
One major benefit of laser dentistry is the fact that most of the procedures do not require any anesthesia. This of course means no pain and the only uncomfortable aspect may be the smell. Damage to surrounding tissue is minimal and any wounds resulting from the treatment often heal faster than when done traditionally. Another amazing benefit of this form of dental procedure is the fact that the laser high energy beam sterilizes the area being treated and this means reduced risk of bacterial infection.
For someone like Dr Marcano, this means that he can offer a wider range of services and carry out many more procedures than a traditional dentist and also increase the success rate of the treatment.  It also means that with this new procedure, Marcano can use the laser as an early detection system to prevent cavities and detect forming cavities before they become troublesome. The old dentistry is gone and now newer modern techniques are making it easier to have successful treatments. Marcano’s cosmetic dentist practice is situate just outside Orlando and anyone with a fear of the dentist should definitely visit him first.

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