If you are in the market for a top quality gun, then you are in the right place. We are going to spend a few moments reviewing both the Remington V3 and the Syren Velocity XLR5 Waterfowl. Both of these guns have received a large number of positive reviews from consumers all over the world who really appreciate high-quality firearms.

What Makes the Remington V3 Great

Remington is known for its high-quality guns but what makes the V3 popular aside from the very affordable pricing is how light the gun feels in your hands. This three inch (3″) gun weighs in at just under 71/2 pounds so your arms will never get tired from shooting this high precision weapon which is great for shooting waterfowl from a distance. The price of the Remington V3 comes under the $900 range so you are going to have plenty of money left over to buy ammo. You also have your choice of getting the gun in walnut, black or camo.

What Makes the Syren Velocity XLR5 Waterfowl Great

The Syren Velocity XLR5 Waterfowl is the more expensive firearm of the two being compared with prices starting at just under $2,000 but it is worth every penny. The gun is perfectly balanced so you will never miss a shot which is vital when hunting waterfowl, you will not have a 2nd chance to take a shot. This gun can handle a variety of different shells so you can adjust your spread to make sure you are getting the best possible shooting results. The XLR is one of the most popular guns with female hunters given the lightweight feel and look of the gun it will become one of the biggest contenders in the years to come.

Prior to anyone purchasing one of these high precision firearms they should participate in all state mandated training programs to ensure safe use of the guns. These firearms are very popular so if you are in the market for a new gun you should seriously think about adding one or both of these to your collection.