If you are a serving soldier, ex-soldier or a survivalist, then you will no doubt understand the need to have a a quality back pack. There are women who love their handbags and who will spend obscene amounts of money on the latest design, which really is less practical but probably looks like an artistic mish-mash.

However, the soldier or outdoorsmen recognizes the necessity to have a good back pack that can work for any situation; whether its daily use in modern day living, out in the wilderness or in a survival situation. If like me, you suffer from shiny syndrome and love your outdoor gadgets and gear, then you will love what SOG brings out. From their quality knives to the tactical gear. SOG’s name has been synonymous with outdoors and military individuals alike.

Apart from the use of pockets and large carrying spaces, a tactical or military backpack offers so much more because of the robust design and SOG have announced a new line of tactical.


In the market for a new pack? Might want to wait until March when these come to market.

The SOG Seraphim is a well proportioned 35L main compartment. It has shock cord tie downs to add any additional kit to the bag. The external features and ability to carry more, make this a quality tactical bag.


The SOG Prophet is a bag that adapts to any situation and changes from a backpack to a duffle bag quickly. Again, this is another tactical backpack that is sure to make you drool with it’s ability to attach more equipment and store equipment in its compartments.


You can see that there is plenty of ways to add on gear, tools.

The SOG Scout is a dream with its adaptability to adding more tac equipment and the internal pockets that store and protect. Like any good pack, it also has the ability to adapt to hydration uses.  Any extra gear can be added to the compression attachments.


Every good military man or outdoorsmen knows the value of a good quality day-pack and this new 20l daypack makes it easy to carry necessary equipment. Don’t be fooled by the size of the sog toc.


Capacious yet not overly large. These new packs should be a big hit.

This is probably going to be one of the most sought after of the tactical line-up as it has everything and more for the outdoor enthusiast with a large carry capacity, easy straps and plenty of compartments for the hiker.

These packs are not set to hit the market till spring 2016, but are sure to be a big hit for the military, law enforcement and outdoor enthusiast.

via: Guns America – the images above are owned wholly by guns America, and have been used to show SOG bags.


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