If you have been using the internet for some time now it’s hard to believe you haven’t come across the term subliminal until now. The world of subliminal research has seen some major progress in recent years and many more groundbreaking new facts and discoveries are yet to come to light in 2016. Recent subliminal research has shown that MRI observation, in which subliminal messages are directed conveyed to the subconscious have been proven to be a tangible and demonstrable self-improvement tool, in the form of subliminal audio recordings.
Since James Vicary’s original fraudulent study, subliminal research has come a long way. Today there exist countless proven facts and satisfying experiments involving subliminal to prove that they actually work- these include a variety of different field but the out of all of them subliminal audios is by far the most effective and popular.
Our mind possesses two types of conscious the active conscious which you are currently using to read this and the subconscious that is used in psychology, everyday speech, and new-age literature. The subconscious is much more powerful than you active conscious that directs your psychological behavior and sometimes modifying or altering this thought process is akin to brainwashing.
The objective of a subliminal audio is to affect the subconscious in a way that progresses personal growth or negates harmful aspects of your personality by positive reassurance. At first subliminal was regarded as a form of brainwash. But thanks to recent studies it was shown to be something completely different. Subliminal are more akin to hypnosis than brainwashing, as they directly suggest a message to the subconscious.
A subliminal audio message can be used to alter your psyche through repeated positive motivational messages, such as, for someone suffering from anxiety or depression they can convey themselves a message such as “I am not depressed” or “I am happy” by incorporating it into an effective piece of music. These are the most effective when they are custom made by the user to meet a specific need.
Sprudio an online subliminal provider that has been operating since 2005, has launched a service that provides the customer to come up with their own subliminal message to alter his psyche. Sprudio has had quite a decent bit of experience working with and producing subliminal for its clients all the while updating their inventory with the latest subliminal albums that contain pre-made tracks for various aspects of life.
Individuals that tried Sprudio’s custom made subliminal audio agree with many points and say: “I began hearing this audio a short time after my divorce with my ex, it’s been a month since I bought this and now I feel happy and content with my decision.”


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