Gift Baskets For Men

When it comes to getting a gift for your guy, you might find yourself in an impossible situation: what can you get him that will not backfire on you? Most women go about gifting their loved one's new clothes, shoes, wallets, cologne, and other items of clothing. Others tend to splash out on the latest gadgets for their man, be it the latest iPhone or Xbox or home diy.

Clothes as a gift are fine, if somewhat boring. Gadgets, on the other hand, will ensure your man spends more time on them than with you, so this can become a gift that’s likely to bring you frustration in the coming months – until he gets bored of it! So what can you get your man that will not only keep him happy but you happy too?

Gift baskets For That Man In Your Life!

 Gift baskets for men is a trend that’s slowly coming into its own. Gift baskets have traditionally been given in baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties for women and other special occasions, but men have been left out of the whole ‘gift basket’ gift. This is because gift baskets were, until recently, thought to be a feminine gift. However, with gender equality and gender-fluidity today, a gift basket for men is perceived to be an ideal gift, especially if it boasts all the stuff your man would love!

What To Have In A Man's Gift Basket!

When you’re preparing a gift basket for the special man in your life, there are a few things you need to consider to make it ideal for him! A lot of florists and niche stores offer this service today, where you can either get any pre-prepared generic gift basket off the shelf or work with the sales-person to individualize and personalize your gift basket.

Themes of Gift Baskets for Men

The first thing to determine when it comes to getting a gift basket for men is the theme of the basket. What makes it the perfect gift for your man? Gift baskets can usually be centered around one theme: a hobby, a profession, a craving, a sport or even a movie!

Once you’ve determined your theme, it’s easy to move on from here. Most niche stores offer some great items for gift baskets, so if your theme is fairly popular, you’re bound to get a number of items fitting with it. A Star Wars theme may be rarer to get items for as compared to a Harry Potter theme. On the other hand, it’s easier to get knick-knacks and gift items for baseball as compared to soccer. It’s more difficult to steer a gift basket theme towards a profession unless your man is a chef. What do you put in a gift basket centered around photography for a professional photographer?

General Items That Go Into A Gift Basket

One of the main things that you cannot miss out on in a gift basket is goodies. Who wouldn’t want to be gifted a gift basket with their favorite brands of mouthwatering chocolates, cookies and perhaps even pre-ground city roast coffee? You can also put in a specialized goody that you know your man craves but doesn’t get to eat all the time! Apart from all the other great stuff you put into the gift, it’s this small gesture that shows how much you know about your man, which really counts.

Professional Gift Baskets

There are quite a few professional gift basket makers in the market who can take your list and turn it into an impressive gift basket. This may cost you more than doing it yourself, but you’ll get a professional job done – especially with the creative process of packing a gift basket. Local florists and niche stores offer this service.

They even have pre-designed gift basket containers that you can look into: Why not indulge your man with a crate full of amazing stuff than a generic basket? Or a drawer masquerading as a basket? The gifts in the basket are bound to make your man fall in love with you again, but how they’re presented also matters a great deal, which is why you might want to get creative with your gift basket for your man!