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Crystal Skull World Day - November 22nd, 2015 - A Meditation for World Peace






Crystal Skull World Day is a very special day when Crystal Skull Guardians, those (individuals who have one or more personal crystal skulls) come together all over the world on this day, to perform a special meditation for world peace.  This year Crystal Skull World Day is being held on November 22nd, with the meditations taking place at 4 specific times.


Crystal Skull World Day was begun last year (see the video below which explains how this day was created) by a group of Crystal Skull guardians who came together and called themselves the Crystal Skull Hearts Council (now consisting of 16 crystal skull guardians). A call went out via Facebook when an annonymous sources asked this question:


What would happen if all the crystal skull guardians on the planet decided to come together for just 5 minutes, working with one of their crystal skulls and did a meditation for world peace?'


Last year a video was used to guide the meditation, using a special music with images from nature, the cosmos and photos of crystal skulls.  This year the meditation is just a guided meditation using a digital audio (an mp3 file).  In addition to individuals performing the meditation in their homes, several public groups will be celebrating together.


The Crystal Skulls are mysterious artifacts which were originally discover within various ancient ruins in Mexico and Central America from the mid-1800's to the present.  Now thousands of crystal skulls are being made by modern carvers.  People who are a guardian of a crystal skull feel they powerful recepticals of healing energies and that when a person holds a crystal skull (just as quartz crystal amplifies an electrical current) these skulls amplify the power visions of a peaceful world for our future.


Everyone is invited to partiicpate, if you don't have your own crystal skull, working with any type of special gemstone will do.  For the full details of what Crystal Skull World Day is all about and how you can be a part, visit the website for this day at:


The Crystal Skulls speculated to have originated in ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, regarded as sacred artifacts by various indigenous tribes of the world, have been returning to public awareness and coming out from hiding to help our planet see world peace in the future.  Join us on this special day and lets make a difference!


Joshua Shapiro

a crystal skull explorer

co-sponsors of CSWD 2015


Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer

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csexplorer    3 years 1 day
We also have a facebook event page where updates on Crystal Skull World Day 2015 are given, head over to: -- Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorers

Join us for Crystal Skull World Day on November 22nd,
a special world peace meditation working with the crystal skulls


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