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Go Adventure Outdoors launches the First of its kind website to blend an outdoor community with laser targeted interests for the outdoor industry. GAO





Go Adventure Outdoors is launching GAO, a new product targeting the growing demand for Advertising to the outdoor adventure industry using our unique content marketing platform from the Outdoor Adventure Industry market.

Fake News: Fat People are Learning Disabled





A recent study is making the rounds of media outlets, suggesting that obesity causes learning disorders and memory problems. But statistics sometimes lie.
A recent study suggests that there is a link between obesity and memory loss. In fact, it states that for 25 percent of the obese test subjects, their cognitive tests results were low enough to qualify them as learning disabled.
Here's my problem with this study: It lists a bunch of results, without digging any deeper.
Problems with the Reporting

Iraq Reporter First Stop For Iraq Business News





Since the war in Iraq has been over, it has become a hive of business opportunity for investors and international business. However, there is not much news available to those who are interested in Iraq and the opportunities that exist within a country that was once war torn and is now growing and redeveloping at a fast pace.

Alan Masarek Calls It A Day Due To Illness





Vonage CEO Alan Masarek who is suffering from cancer steps down
Alan Masarek, president and CEO of Vonage Business, announced Thursday that he would not return from the phone business. And the company is filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
In a conference call with reporters, Masarek said he needed the next year to focus on his health and family after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer that affects plasma cells. There is no cure.

Finding A Lawyer

help lawyer




If you find yourself suddenly in need of a lawyer, you are probably already in a high stress situation and have now added a major new stressor to your life – the task of finding someone to represent you. In spite of and maybe because of the large number of lawyers in the world, finding one that is a good fit for you can be very difficult. Fortunately, you live in an age when you can easily access information from your home computer. Starting with this article and its guidance you can successfully these legal shark infested waters.
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Sprudio Launches New Subliminal Audio To Heal Pain

subliminal Hypnosis




If you have been using the internet for some time now it’s hard to believe you haven’t come across the term subliminal until now. The world of subliminal research has seen some major progress in recent years and many more groundbreaking new facts and discoveries are yet to come to light in 2016. Recent subliminal research has shown that MRI observation, in which subliminal messages are directed conveyed to the subconscious have been proven to be a tangible and demonstrable self-improvement tool, in the form of subliminal audio recordings.

Law Firm Directory Creates Unique Synergy

law firm directory



You may have a scenario that's making you ask yourself "Do I need a legal representative?". Sometimes it's easy to understand if you have to find a lawyer. If you have actually been hit with a criminal charge, a claim, or a divorce, you understand you require an attorney.
Lawyers aren't just for lawsuits
Exactly what you might not know is that lawyers aren't just for litigation. Sometimes you simply need the guidance of a specialist, and a certified attorney might be simply exactly what you need.

Crime Scene Cleaners: The Unsung Heroes of a Tragedy

crime scene cleaning




During the early hours of August 14th, 2015, A police standoff that lasted several hours was brought to a violent end. In his Staten Island apartment, A high ranking Bloods gang member held hostages at gun point. Over 50 of the NYPD’s finest anxiously awaited outside. In there ranks stood hostage negotiators, SWAT and Tactical Assistance Response Unit(TARU). Earlier in the day, the suspect posted on his Facebook Wall “Today I Die”. Once the smoked settled after a large barrage of firepower, the suspect had been slain.

Save Money With Solar Power





Can I conserve cash making use of solar energy?


As the requirement of people to utilize more electrical power increases they also start to lean on options energy sources that occasionally cost lower compared to the routine electrical power source. Among the most typical options that individuals use now is the solar energy. A lot of individuals select this because they know that it will help them save money in the long run. This is also an excellent source of energy to use that is very ecologically friendly.